Texas governor limits counties to one spot each for in-person ballot drop-offs

News with a Twist/Commentary* Georgia and Florida governors blindsided. Vow to take action. *Note: Given the “bizarreness” of our current news environment please be forewarned – most of this story is true. Read the italicized paragraphs as they were intended. They are, “News with a Twist”. The New York Times reported today: “Gov. Greg AbbottContinue reading “Texas governor limits counties to one spot each for in-person ballot drop-offs”

RBG’s last wish

Commentary with a little “News with a Twist“ Trump insinuates Justice Ginsburg’s granddaughter lied. Shocking? Not really. Donald Trump has attempted to cast doubt on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dying wish, baselessly claiming a statement released by the supreme court justice’s family was written by Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer, prominent Democrats in Congress.Continue reading “RBG’s last wish”

Who’s the Biggest Nut-Case in the World?

News with a Twist Competing today: President Donald John Trump (I)* and Attorney General William ‘Lower the Bar’ Barr (*Impeached) Welcome Around the Block readers to the latest edition of “Who’s the Biggest Nut-Case in the World?” Today, our reigning champion, the sitting President of the United States, Donald John Trump (I) will face challengerContinue reading “Who’s the Biggest Nut-Case in the World?”

WHITMAN: It’s Time for ‘Republicans and Independents for Biden’

Commentary Former Republican New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman writes why she is chairing the new group Republicans and Independents for Biden Christine Todd Whitman is the national chairwoman of Republicans and Independents for Biden. She was the 50th governor of New Jersey and administrator of the Environmental Protection Administration during the Bush administration from 2001 to 2003. Governor Whitman wrote the Op-Ed,Continue reading “WHITMAN: It’s Time for ‘Republicans and Independents for Biden’”

A small thing we all can do to thwart Trump’s mail-in ballot assault

Thwart Trump’s deviousness by helping to ensure voters get their ballots in early. How can that be facilitated? Since many voters wait to cast their votes until they see their newspaper’s endorsements, how about this: encourage newspapers to publish their endorsements as early as possible.

“Raid the Mailboxes” and other street games we played

It’s probably hard to believe that a Trump presser in the Oval Office in which he railed about absentee ballots and voter fraud would remind me of growing up in Brooklyn. But it did…with a little “Around the Block – News with a Twist” imagination thrown in.