With the passing of Colin Powell, Trump shows how low he can go

Commentary Trump’s mean-spirited statement about another American hero was not completely unexpected. But it did lead me to consider some things. Amidst the obituaries detailing Colin Powell’s unsurpassed career as an American hero and the accolades from both colleagues and adversaries alike, came this one, which unfortunately, was not “fake news:”

October in NYC was great…

Commentary …but I had to share one more thing This is a re-issue of the post “October in NYC was great…but” to fix a glitch in the video playback. I apologize for any inconvenience. I posted an Around the Block yesterday about Covid-19 vaccine passports and how well the verification system seems to be working in NewContinue reading “October in NYC was great…”

October in NYC post — technical issue

There seems to have been a technical issue with the last post, October in NYC was great but… The link to the embedded video was not visible to some readers. I am working on the problem and hope to have a fix soon. Once fixed, I will re-issue the post. Sorry in advance for anyContinue reading “October in NYC post — technical issue”

October in NYC was great except…

Commentary …I’m vaccinated but I live in Florida and don’t have a Covid vaccine passport Sharon and I spent a few days in New York City last week; we hadn’t been back to NY since before the pandemic.  We visited the Yasoi Kusama installation at the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. It wasContinue reading “October in NYC was great except…”

“Cancel Culture” has taught us that Christopher Columbus and Robert E. Lee have one thing in common…

Commentary …they were both lousy at their jobs. But Columbus outdid Lee in sheer ruthlessness. Today is “Indigenous Peoples’ Day,” the holiday formerly, and in some places still known as “Columbus Day.” Or, in the New York City school system, “Italian Heritage Day/Indigenous People’s Day.” While on Fifth Avenue in NYC the Columbus Citizens FoundationContinue reading ““Cancel Culture” has taught us that Christopher Columbus and Robert E. Lee have one thing in common…”

American Exceptionalism is over. Was it really ever a thing?

Commentary A Times’ newsletter gave me the opportunity to review my feelings about the concept of American Exceptionalism. What’s your take? The subject of today’s New York Times’ “The Interpreter” newsletter is “American Exceptionalism.” In the newsletter, the authors, Max Fisher and Amanda Taub ponder, “Changing American attitudes about their country’s role in the world.”Continue reading “American Exceptionalism is over. Was it really ever a thing?”

‘The Many Saints of Newark’ airs tomorrow

Commentary For ‘Sopranos’ fans, this prequel is “must see TV” even if the reviews are mixed I’m not sure about you, but as I write this on September 30, I have only one thing on my mind. No, not my usual blathering about Ron DeSantis or Marco Rubio. Or immigration. Or our dysfunctional political system.Continue reading “‘The Many Saints of Newark’ airs tomorrow”

Another Viewpoint – Florida’s new surgeon general is not just reckless; he’s dangerous

Commentary Please be aware, while this story focuses is about Florida, it’s really more than that. It’s about the sorry state of affairs in this country. I’ve noticed that when I write about Florida-specific issues, I tend to get fewer views. As an example, my recent piece, “Rubio’s pandering knows no bounds,” (https://around-the-block.com/2021/09/15/rubios-pandering-knows-no-bounds/) received about one-halfContinue reading “Another Viewpoint – Florida’s new surgeon general is not just reckless; he’s dangerous”

Rubio’s pandering knows no bounds

Commentary Given his history, Marco Rubio’s cynical opportunism in calling for General Milley’s removal is not surprising Initial responses to difficult situations are often the best measure of a man. In his response to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley’s alleged “undermining of former President Trump,” Senator Rubio showed he’s not aContinue reading “Rubio’s pandering knows no bounds”