Putin pulls out of nuclear nonproliferation agreement; claims Ukraine started war

News with a Twist* Around the Block uncovers source of Putin’s delusions: Bronya, the Russian version of Sophie’s Barbie. *(“News with a Twist” was the original conceit of Around the Block – stories based on real news “twisted” a bit for fun. In some cases the twist was, while satirical, plausible; so plausible that manyContinue reading “Putin pulls out of nuclear nonproliferation agreement; claims Ukraine started war”

No “red wave” but a colossal Florida “wipe out”

Commentary Florida Dems consider borrowing California surfer song for their new theme Thomas Friedman began his Times’ column today with this: “You can hold off moving to Canada. You can forgo the call to the New Zealand Embassy on how to become a citizen there. Tuesday’s election really was the most important test since the Civil WarContinue reading “No “red wave” but a colossal Florida “wipe out””

As Donald Netanyahu meets Bibi Trump…

Commentary with a little twist …Britain is getting browner. With two weeks to go, I thought I’d take a break from the U.S. midterms and turn to the political situation in two of our closest allies, Israel and the United Kingdom. Yesterday, I opened my daily email from the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, to find twoContinue reading “As Donald Netanyahu meets Bibi Trump…”

Around the Block is cruising the Baltics this week

Commentary And then on to Krakow, Poland Sharon and I are cruising the Baltic sea for the next week. The cruise started in Copenhagen with port calls in Karlskroner, Sweden, Gdansk, Poland, Klaipeda, Lithuania (only about 50kms from the Russian Oblast known as Kaliningrad), Riga, Latvia, Tallinn, Estonia, Helsinki and Stockholm. From Stockholm we’ll flyContinue reading “Around the Block is cruising the Baltics this week”

FBI+Mar-a-Lago puts Palm Beach County at the epicenter of the news cycle…

New with a Twist/Commentary …and The Palm Beach Post hasn’t had so much prominence since, well, “hanging chads.” Since last week’s FBI “raid” (“Trumpworld”word, not mine) on the former president’s home/country club/winter White House/top-secret storage facility, Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach County has become news of the day ground zero as evidenced by these recent Page OneContinue reading “FBI+Mar-a-Lago puts Palm Beach County at the epicenter of the news cycle…”

The Race to the Bottom

Commentary/News with a Twist Rounding the final turn, Abbott and DeSantis are neck and neck The GOP Governors’ Derby, “The Race to the Bottom,” is rounding the last turn with Texas’ Greg Abbott and Florida’s Ron DeSantis neck and neck, leaving the rest of the field in the mud(slinging). Abbot had pulled slightly ahead ofContinue reading “The Race to the Bottom”

Палки и камни могут сломать мне кости, но слова никогда не причинят мне вреда.

Комментарий/Новости с изюминкой – Commentary/News with a Twist Сказки могут стать явью, они могут случиться с тобой… Now that I have your attention, let me explain. In what many in the West consider a potential escalation of the unprovoked “conventional” war he has unleashed on Ukraine, Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered his defense minister andContinue reading “Палки и камни могут сломать мне кости, но слова никогда не причинят мне вреда.”

Cars lost at sea creates mental health crisis

News with a Twist Coping with the loss of a loved one – Porsche/Bentley edition The big news in some parts of the country this week was not the impending confrontation between the United States and its NATO allies over the Russia’s potential invasion of Ukraine. Nor was it a judge’s ruling that Donald TrumpContinue reading “Cars lost at sea creates mental health crisis”

You say “Gazpacho,” I say “Gestapo”…

Commentary “…Let’s call the whole thing off…at least the ‘Gestapo’ part.” I’m not in the habit of posting more than one column a day; some people think it’s overkill, bordering on presumption. But, I am relenting just this once due to overwhelming reader demand, characterized by this comment from one of my most devoted readersContinue reading “You say “Gazpacho,” I say “Gestapo”…”