The Race to the Bottom

Commentary/News with a Twist Rounding the final turn, Abbott and DeSantis are neck and neck The GOP Governors’ Derby, “The Race to the Bottom,” is rounding the last turn with Texas’ Greg Abbott and Florida’s Ron DeSantis neck and neck, leaving the rest of the field in the mud(slinging). Abbot had pulled slightly ahead ofContinue reading “The Race to the Bottom”

Quora Digest poses the two most important questions of the day

Commentary Mushroom clouds or Jennifer Aniston’s… Even in times of world crisis you’ve got to step back and maintain a sense of humor. I’m not sure if the editors of Quora Digest were chuckling when they sent out today’s subscriber email, but if they weren’t, they should have been. I pointed out recently how thereContinue reading “Quora Digest poses the two most important questions of the day”

Cars lost at sea creates mental health crisis

News with a Twist Coping with the loss of a loved one – Porsche/Bentley edition The big news in some parts of the country this week was not the impending confrontation between the United States and its NATO allies over the Russia’s potential invasion of Ukraine. Nor was it a judge’s ruling that Donald TrumpContinue reading “Cars lost at sea creates mental health crisis”

Cancel Culture: County opts to honor Black professor, not slave owner

I don’t know about you, but I’m conflicted about this “cancel culture” phenomenon, particularly the part in which public institutions are being considered for a name change because they’re named after an individual who is now considered unfit for the honor.

Mitch McConnell to Corporate America: “STAY OUT OF POLITICS!”

News with a Twist Senate Minority Leader discusses his position in an exclusive one-on-one interview with Around the Block Around the Block: Good evening Senator McConnell. Thank you for agreeing to this sit down. This is an exciting moment for Around the Block and our readers.

Trump threatens to leave the country if he loses the election

Commentary He’s said and done many bizarre things recently, but does he really mean it – Leave the country? The last few days have been pretty bizarre for President Donald John Trump (I), even by Trump standards: He abruptly ended a solo interview with CBS News’ “60 Minutes” Tuesday and did not return for anContinue reading “Trump threatens to leave the country if he loses the election”

Who’s the Biggest Nut-Case in the World?

News with a Twist Competing today: President Donald John Trump (I)* and Attorney General William ‘Lower the Bar’ Barr (*Impeached) Welcome Around the Block readers to the latest edition of “Who’s the Biggest Nut-Case in the World?” Today, our reigning champion, the sitting President of the United States, Donald John Trump (I) will face challengerContinue reading “Who’s the Biggest Nut-Case in the World?”

“Raid the Mailboxes” and other street games we played

It’s probably hard to believe that a Trump presser in the Oval Office in which he railed about absentee ballots and voter fraud would remind me of growing up in Brooklyn. But it did…with a little “Around the Block – News with a Twist” imagination thrown in.

Missouri Penguins Enjoy ‘Morning Of Fine Art’ At Local Museum

After watching a video of Penguins from the Kansas City Zoo visiting the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, I was amazed at how cute and funny and social they appeared. They seemed to be everything you’d want as a pet.

A pet? Would penguins be good pets, I wondered?

Read on to find out what I learned.

And where I learned it.