“Raid the Mailboxes” and other street games we played

It’s probably hard to believe that a Trump presser in the Oval Office in which he railed about absentee ballots and voter fraud would remind me of growing up in Brooklyn. But it did…with a little “Around the Block – News with a Twist” imagination thrown in.

WaPo: Administration scrambles to stop people from injecting disinfectants

Note: An earlier version of this post went out to an email distribution. Due to popular demand, I am posting it on Around the Block as well.

As the administration scrambled to contain the Trump “drink disinfectant” advice (I think that’s called an “unforced error” in tennis…oh, wait, Trump’s a golfer, maybe he should get a “mulligan.” But I digress.), among the administration’s admonitions were these:

Around the Block – This and That

A friend emailed me yesterday saying, “I consider myself to be a somewhat rational person, but listening to Pence’s non-stop babbling and “fearless leader” bullshit on Meet the Press this morning literally brought me tears.

My reply:

You watched? My TV automatically changes to any channel that the Three Stooges are on when Pence appears. And when Trump is on, the TV switches to a Marx Brothers’ movie, preferably “The Cocoanuts,” “Monkey Business,” or “At the Circus,” as those three most aptly describe our current situation.

The Trump family seder

Note: This was sent to me by a friend. I understand that it, like a few others, has been making the social media rounds. So forgive me if you’ve already seen it. I just couldn’t help myself as it is one of the best depictions of a Passover seder I’ve ever read.

Also, forgive me for sending out two “Around the Block” posts in one day. But with Passover almost over, this one couldn’t wait.

Fox to debut new series, GE Coronavirus Bowl

News with a Twist

Around the Block has learned that Donald Trump is executive producing a new weekly show to air on Fox News. Tentatively titled “GE Coronavirus Bowl,” the program will be sponsored by the General Electric company in return for a $75 billion bailout.

The show will be loosely based on the 1960’s era CBS-TV show, “GE College Bowl.”

Trump pushes FDA to use anti-malaria drug for coronavirus

Note to readers:

As we face one of the greatest crises in our lifetimes, led by one of the most incompetent leaders in our history, as we “shelter in place” in California and undoubtably soon in other states and cities, as we sink deeper into this dystopian reality that is not fiction, we still need to smile, laugh (but alas, not hug). Hopefully my little bit of satirical humor will help. I hope so. Because if we can’t laugh in the face of adversity, we’re doomed.

W. Virginia is the Only Coronavirus-free State

News with a Twist + Commentary

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced today that cases of the novel coronavirus have been confirmed in every U.S. state except West Virginia.

Reporting the announcement, the hosts of Fox News morning show, Fox and Friends, Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade joked that perhaps West Virginia was spared because of “coal dust in the lungs” is “apparently the antidote” to the virus.