Das DHS hat „Geheimdienstberichte“ über Journalisten erstellt, die durchgesickerte Dokumente veröffentlicht haben

“Das Department of Homeland Security hat “Geheimdienstberichte” über die Arbeit…”

Oops, sorry. For a second I lost my head and imagined the I, and all of you, had been transported back to Nazi Germany, ergo the requirement to publish this post in, you know, German.

July 28, 2020 – A day that will live in ignominy

Yesterday, July 28, 2020, will go down in history as one of the most consequential and ignominious days in the history of the Trump administration. Why? Because of the appearances and statements of two of the most important figures in that administration, Attorney General William ‘Lower the Bar’ Barr and, the man himself, President Donald John Trump (I)

Trump’s agents are sweeping peaceful citizens off the streets. This is not America.

Federal law enforcement officers have been using unmarked vehicles to drive around downtown Portland and detain protesters since at least July 14.

Oregon Senator Merkley characterized them as “Federal storm troopers, Trump’s personal paramilitary force” who are “sweeping people off the street with no probable cause.”

Can you say, Gestapo?