“They’re going out the back door!”

The conventional wisdom with Donald Trump is that at some point he’d hit bottom; he’d say or do something so dreadful, so vile, so nasty that it couldn’t be topped (well, actually, “bottomed”).

It’s possible that on Sunday he reached that bottom when he suggested that hospitals have been hoarding ventilators and that something more nefarious* may be afoot when it comes to their mask supplies.

Andrew Cuomo? Yes, Andrew Cuomo.

Note to readers: I’m calling this column the “Broken Record Edition.” Why? Because I’m writing again about a topic I opined on only a few days ago. As regular readers know, this space can sometimes be frivolous, bordering on silly. In fact some readers call the posts, “cute.” (I’m never sure how to take that “compliment.”) But this one is serious. You know, every recent presidential election has been called “the most important election in our lifetimes.” Guess what? This one really is that election – for one reason and one reason only: Donald Trump.

Fox to debut new series, GE Coronavirus Bowl

News with a Twist

Around the Block has learned that Donald Trump is executive producing a new weekly show to air on Fox News. Tentatively titled “GE Coronavirus Bowl,” the program will be sponsored by the General Electric company in return for a $75 billion bailout.

The show will be loosely based on the 1960’s era CBS-TV show, “GE College Bowl.”

Andrew Cuomo? Yes, Andrew Cuomo!

As I do every day, this morning I watched New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s daily press conference on the Covid-19 pandemic.

As usual, Cuomo was informative and serious (with a bit of humor thrown in every once-in-while to break the tension). His presentation today, like all the others, was organized. Using graphic assists where appropriate, he made his pronouncements with confidence, authority and, most important, veracity.

Trump pushes FDA to use anti-malaria drug for coronavirus

Note to readers:

As we face one of the greatest crises in our lifetimes, led by one of the most incompetent leaders in our history, as we “shelter in place” in California and undoubtably soon in other states and cities, as we sink deeper into this dystopian reality that is not fiction, we still need to smile, laugh (but alas, not hug). Hopefully my little bit of satirical humor will help. I hope so. Because if we can’t laugh in the face of adversity, we’re doomed.