Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks says he will challenge Electoral College results

Commentary Mel Brooks claims no relation. “Alabama? What, are you a mashugana?” Mo Brooks is a Republican Congressman from Alabama. While he is not as funny as his namesake, Mel Brooks (or, for that matter, Albert Brooks), he is definitely laughable. (Just to get this out of the way upfront – for you 50’s sitcomContinue reading “Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks says he will challenge Electoral College results”

Florida Latinos and Trump; Religion, SCOTUS and Amy Coney Barrett

Commentary Around the Block’s take on two Washington Post Op-eds I intended to take a little break from Around the Block for a while in order to focus on some of my other writing projects. I did not, however, take a break from reading my many news and information sources. And when I read, IContinue reading “Florida Latinos and Trump; Religion, SCOTUS and Amy Coney Barrett”

There’s no place like home?

Commentary Or is there? Like Nova Scotia, where a journalist based in Halifax writes in the Times, “I Am Living in a Covid-Free World Just a Few Hundred Miles From Manhattan.” Back in 2004 ( you remember 2004, when all we had to worry about was George W. Bush’s reelection?) I attended the quadrennial PresidentialContinue reading “There’s no place like home?”

Moderna’s vaccine has a significant advantage over Pfizer’s

News with a Twist Coming into the bottom of the ninth, Moderna – 94.5, Pfizer – 90 Hello again everybody, this is Tony Fauci broadcasting from the TV booth high above the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Stadium. Of course, we’re waaaaay high above ’cause we sure don’t want to catch that darnContinue reading “Moderna’s vaccine has a significant advantage over Pfizer’s”

Who says we’re “too wired?”

Commentary After an 18-hour Internet and Cable TV outage, all I can say is, “You can never be too wired!” You know how they’re always saying, “We’re too wired.” “We spend too much time looking at our screens.” “Things would be a lot less stressful if we would simply ‘unplug’ and begin to live inContinue reading “Who says we’re “too wired?””

Pence: “Under the inspired, magnificent, exceptional, superlative leadership of President Donald Trump…”

Commentary Not so fast adoring one – Trump had nothing to do with Pfizer’s potential Covid-19 vaccine. Lame-duck Vice President Mike Pence broke his post-election silence today when he appeared to give credit to the Trump administration for the development of what might be an effective Covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer. In a tweet, PenceContinue reading “Pence: “Under the inspired, magnificent, exceptional, superlative leadership of President Donald Trump…””

America, the Beautiful…er Appalling

Commentary The aftermath of the election is showing America’s true character. Led by the President and his enablers, and supported by almost half the population, this is a litigious, mendacious, deceitful, hypocritical nation. Earlier this morning, as the results started trickling in showing Joe Biden taking slim leads in Georgia and Pennsylvania while maintaining similarlyContinue reading “America, the Beautiful…er Appalling”