Last week I posted an Around the Block called, “The saga of ‘Smart‘, ‘Dumb’, ‘Dumber’ and ‘Dumbest,’” in which I suggested that a hierarchy of governmental leadership was clearly developing.

Smart – Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA)
Dumb – Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD)
Dumber – Governor Asa Hutchinson (R-AR)
Dumbest – President Donald J. Trump (R-Mar-a-Lago)

Around the Block – This and That

A friend emailed me yesterday saying, “I consider myself to be a somewhat rational person, but listening to Pence’s non-stop babbling and “fearless leader” bullshit on Meet the Press this morning literally brought me tears.

My reply:

You watched? My TV automatically changes to any channel that the Three Stooges are on when Pence appears. And when Trump is on, the TV switches to a Marx Brothers’ movie, preferably “The Cocoanuts,” “Monkey Business,” or “At the Circus,” as those three most aptly describe our current situation.

Open letter to Rep. Lois Frankel (D-FL)

Yesterday I wrote, “Is it time to man the barricades?” In that post, I partially quoted a story from The New Yorker in which a grandfather, in a love letter to his grandson, lamented the inability of average folks like him to protest our democratic system’s injustices.

Now I, like the fictional grandfather, decided to write a letter…to my Congresswoman, Lois Frankel.

Medicare is serious business. Who knew it could also be funny?

One consequence, unintended or not, of the coronavirus pandemic is that the Democratic debate about “Medicare for All,” “Single-payer,” “Universal Healthcare,” or the virtues and/or improprieties of “Obamacare” has been put on hold.

The good news is that Medicare is still in place and is still doing an outstanding job for its 44 million beneficiaries.

But, not without the occasional eccentricities, or rather, silly business.

“Trump’s role in the death toll.”

It’s Easter Monday. I hope you all had a good holiday, participating in virtual religious services this weekend, virtual Seders last week and whatever else you did as best you could given this Covid-19 disruption of all our lives.

Well, the weekend is over and this morning I awoke to a flurry of articles and opinion pieces, mostly in the New York Times and The Washington Post (you might better know them as the “fake news” or “Trump-hating LSM {Lame Stream Media}) detailing the lies, the denials, the delays in action, and then, the wrong actions taken by Trump and his administration before and during this crisis.

We Live in the Worst Country in the World!

How can I say the United States of America is the worst country in the world when there are dozens of poor, devastated countries with hungry, sick, oppressed people? When there are countries run by tin-pot dictators whose only devotion is to their own power and to their own self-enrichment?