Germany says Putin critic poisoned – Western leaders outraged!

Commentary But not all Western leaders Multiple news organizations have reported that Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, was poisoned with the same type of Soviet-era nerve agent used in a 2018 attack on a former Russian spy, the German government said Wednesday, provoking outrage from Western leaders who demanded Moscow provide an explanation. But notContinue reading “Germany says Putin critic poisoned – Western leaders outraged!”

RNC = “Really Nasty Creeps,” or “Really Notorious Criminals?”

Commentary The choice is yours As the Republican National Convention (RNC – aka “Really Nasty Creeps” or in many cases “Really Notorious Criminals”) winds down today, I felt that with so much written by professional observers, my voice wasn’t really necessary. But as you know, it’s hard to keep me silent. So, as a publicContinue reading “RNC = “Really Nasty Creeps,” or “Really Notorious Criminals?””

A small thing we all can do to thwart Trump’s mail-in ballot assault

Thwart Trump’s deviousness by helping to ensure voters get their ballots in early. How can that be facilitated? Since many voters wait to cast their votes until they see their newspaper’s endorsements, how about this: encourage newspapers to publish their endorsements as early as possible.