New Hampshire and Iowa leave Democrats in disarray

The results are in from New Hampshire and Iowa. (Actually, not sure if the results are really in from Iowa. Does anyone know where Steve Kornacki is? Oh, never mind.)

The small number of voters in those two states have spoken and from this perch it appears that Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg are building momentum, Amy Klobuchar is strengthening a bit, and Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden are seriously fading.

Zei gezunt*, Alan Dershowitz

In a stunning argument, Alan Dershowitz, the once-revered Harvard Constitutional law professor and current hack TV lawyer/Trump (I) apologist, said that that any action taken by the president to help his own re-election is, by definition, in the public interest.

So Trump really can shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it if he decides it’s in the “public interest.”