A Guide to Registering and Voting – Part 2

Commentary A real-life guide on how to properly vote by mail. Now it’s up to you! This is a follow-up to my recent post, “A Guide to Registering and Voting” https://around-the-block.com/2020/09/24/a-guide-to-registering-and-voting/. I received my own vote-by-mail packet from the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections on Saturday. With that packet in hand, I wanted to provideContinue reading “A Guide to Registering and Voting – Part 2”

A Guide to Registering and Voting

Commentary With Trump setting the table for a contested election, voting, voting early and voting properly is more important than ever! With only 40 days left until the election, with voting already starting in several states and with the sitting President of the United States, up for re-election, threatening to “get rid of ballots,” andContinue reading “A Guide to Registering and Voting”

Trump: “Get rid of ballots”

Commentary Are you ready to man the barricades? In response to a reporter’s question tonight, “Win, lose or draw in this election, will you commit here today for a peaceful transferal of power after the election?”, President Donald John Trump (I) said, “We’re going to have to see what happens. We want to get ridContinue reading “Trump: “Get rid of ballots””

The Great American Experiment – RIP?

Commentary Is the Great American Experiment dead, or simply on life support? And, if it is, how do we revive it? On January 9, 1790 George Washington uttered these words: “The establishment of our new Government seemed to be the last great experiment for promoting human happiness.”  In 1835, in the English translation of hisContinue reading “The Great American Experiment – RIP?”

RBG’s last wish

Commentary with a little “News with a Twist“ Trump insinuates Justice Ginsburg’s granddaughter lied. Shocking? Not really. Donald Trump has attempted to cast doubt on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dying wish, baselessly claiming a statement released by the supreme court justice’s family was written by Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer, prominent Democrats in Congress.Continue reading “RBG’s last wish”

Who’s the Biggest Nut-Case in the World?

News with a Twist Competing today: President Donald John Trump (I)* and Attorney General William ‘Lower the Bar’ Barr (*Impeached) Welcome Around the Block readers to the latest edition of “Who’s the Biggest Nut-Case in the World?” Today, our reigning champion, the sitting President of the United States, Donald John Trump (I) will face challengerContinue reading “Who’s the Biggest Nut-Case in the World?”

Alexander Vindman: Trump Is Putin’s ‘Useful Idiot’

Commentary Normal times would suggest a Russian dictator calling the President of the United States a “Useful Idiot” would dominate the news. But these aren’t normal times. In his first interview, Lt. Col Alexander Vindman, a key witness in the impeachment trial of Donald John Trump, says Trump goes out of his way to tryContinue reading “Alexander Vindman: Trump Is Putin’s ‘Useful Idiot’”