The late Jewish comic, Jacob Rodney Cohen’s (aka Rodney Dangerfield*) most famous catchphrase, “I don’t get no respect,” is, for South Florida, truer than ever.

(*What, you thought his name was really ‘Dangerfield?) Commentary Rise up, South Florida’s Jewish community – a traveling exhibition celebrating Jewish delicatessens is landing in Houston and Chicago…but not here! Many years ago, when I first started writing Around the Block, I introduced my stories with a line I shamelessly lifted from Chris Hayes ofContinue reading “The late Jewish comic, Jacob Rodney Cohen’s (aka Rodney Dangerfield*) most famous catchphrase, “I don’t get no respect,” is, for South Florida, truer than ever.”

Great ideas, brilliantly executed is the key to Democrats winning elections

Commentary One Democratic candidate, John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, understands that The other day I posted a story called, “Making Joe Manchin irrelevant” Making Joe Manchin irrelevant While the focus of that story was about money in politics and, importantly how to donate strategically, I finished with this admonition: One last thing. After spending all this time talkingContinue reading “Great ideas, brilliantly executed is the key to Democrats winning elections”

Rose Mary Woods must be turning over in her grave!

Commentary Woods’ “inadvertent” erasure of a key Watergate tape is like amateur hour compared to today’s Secret Service’s malfeasance Most of you are old enough to remember Rose Mary Woods, President Richard Nixon’s personal secretary. But you wouldn’t have remembered Rose Mary Woods but for one incident. Woods worked for Nixon from his early daysContinue reading “Rose Mary Woods must be turning over in her grave!”

Making Joe Manchin irrelevant

Commentary And, while we’re at it, Kristin Sinema as well In the last Around the Block, “Why-for art thou, Joe Manchin?”, I suggested that the only way to deal with Senator Joe Manchin, “Democrat” of West Virginia, is to make him irrelevant. The way to make him irrelevant is to ensure his vote doesn’t count;Continue reading “Making Joe Manchin irrelevant”

Why-for art thou, Joe Manchin?

Commentary “Why don’t you go, Joe Manchinio, our nation turns its tearful eyes to you.“* (*With apologies to my AEPi fraternity brother, Paul Simon. I think he’d approve.) The New York Times reported yesterday, “Senator Joe Manchin III, Democrat of West Virginia, pulled the plug Thursday on negotiations to salvage key pieces of President Biden’sContinue reading “Why-for art thou, Joe Manchin?”

Abolish the Electoral College?

Commentary Hillary thinks it’s as easy as…? Sorry for two intrusions on one day but I couldn’t let this one go by without a comment. I received an email earlier today: Abolish the Electoral College via End Citizens United. Below is the message in its entirety. Needless to say, signing the petition gives the signerContinue reading “Abolish the Electoral College?”

Herschel Walker, GOP poster boy

Commentary One column by the WaPo’s Gene Robinson sums up all that’s wrong with the Republican Party…and the nation I’ve been incredibly busy the last week or so on non-writing, family-oriented projects. So busy, exhausted actually, that I spent the entire day, and night, Monday, in bed. I don’t remember the last time I sleptContinue reading “Herschel Walker, GOP poster boy”

This was not a ‘typical Chicago’ shooting; this was a ‘typical American’ shooting.

Commentary Another day; another shooting July 4, 2022 will not be remembered as the 246th “birthday” of America. It will be remembered as the day of another mass shooting in America, this time in Highland Park, IL. As of this writing, six people are dead, 24 more are in the hospital in serious to criticalContinue reading “This was not a ‘typical Chicago’ shooting; this was a ‘typical American’ shooting.”

The enigma of the American Democracy

Commentary Enigma: (/əˈnɪɡ.mə/) A perplexing, baffling, or seemingly inexplicable matter. Democracy: (/dɪˈmɑː.krə.si/) The belief in freedom and equality between people; a system of government based on this belief. America: (/əˈmer.ɪ.kə/) A democratic republic in North America, more formerly known as the United States of America Now that I’ve gotten those basic definitions out of theContinue reading “The enigma of the American Democracy”