Is it “American Exceptionalism” or “American Except-tionalism”

A writer in the web publication “Medium” writes, “American Passports Are Worthless Now.” He’s from Sri Lanka and says, “my Sri Lankan passport was worthless for years. Now the American passport is worse. America has crashed straight through the third world into the fourth.”

I say, “American Exceptionalism” meet “American Except-tionalism!”

“Bizarro Donald” channels “Bizarro Jerry”

As I read the reports of Trump’s 4th of July “campaign rally disguised as a Presidential address,” I couldn’t help thinking of just one thing – “The Bizarro Jerry” and “Bizarro World.”

“The Bizarro Jerry” episode created an alternative reality in the lives of the characters. At Mt. Rushmore yesterday, Donald Trump created an alternative reality in the lives of Americans.

Yesterday, Donald Trump officially became “Bizarro Donald.”

American Exceptionalism in action!

I thought it would be appropriate to inspect the definition of the term American Exceptionalism and what it actually stands for in the “Age of Trump.”

There are many, many, more examples of American Exceptionalism than I’ve detailed in this essay during this “Age of Trump.”. Just be aware, incredibly, the ones I’ve written about occurred in only the last few days and weeks.