You say “Gazpacho,” I say “Gestapo”…


“…Let’s call the whole thing off…at least the ‘Gestapo’ part.”

I’m not in the habit of posting more than one column a day; some people think it’s overkill, bordering on presumption. But, I am relenting just this once due to overwhelming reader demand, characterized by this comment from one of my most devoted readers after my SCOTUS post earlier today:

WHAT??? Nothing about Pelosi’s GAZPACHO Police??????????

If you haven’t heard by now, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene ranted yesterday on the ultra-right wing cable network, OAN, about Nancy Pelosi and her “Gazpacho” Police.

Rather than go into a wordy treatise on Greene’s comments, I’m abiding by the old saw, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” And, if a picture is worth a thousand words, these two videos are worth a few million.

First, from MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. Please stick with O’Donnell to the end of the video for his take on yet another moronic GOP Congressman on a somewhat different subject.

Second, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel.

Of course, what would an Around the Block post be without a few choice words from me, so let me close with this ATB exclusive comment from the Anti-Defamation League:

“After reviewing the Marjorie Taylor Greene video, the ADL has concluded, that gazpacho of any kind, including the delicious, but very weird, “Watermelon Gazpacho,” is a completely acceptable cold soup for Jewish people, of any persuasion, to eat. We do strongly recommend that not only Jewish people, but just about anyone except descendants of George Lincoln Rockwell not consume “Gestapo” soup of any variety.”

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4 thoughts on “You say “Gazpacho,” I say “Gestapo”…

  1. They are giving you lots of material. Her constituents deserve her but the rest of us don’t. Let’s get rid of her!!!!!🤬

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  2. Yes! I think O’Donnell is absolutely right.
    The dumb Congresswoman does think the German police are called gazpacho.
    This video better survive forever or noone will believe she said this.


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