Restaurants pitching in to deliver food during coronavirus pandemic

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Shout outs to these restaurants and to the man who’s turning out to be our best elected leader.

Restaurants all over the country are doing their part to ensure that Americans who can’t go out get access to food, get fed.

Two of those restaurants stand out.

estiatorio Milos, New York City’s premier Greek and seafood restaurant, including, on any given day, five to six varieties of grilled to perfection whole fish, sent this to their email list:

Around the Block talked to Mr. and Mrs. Connery Aldrich of Sutton Place in Manhattan to get their reaction to Milos’ new delivery program.

“Thank goodness. We can still order that $400 fish dinner and they’ll deliver it for free.
And thanks to Andrew Cuomo and the NY Alcohol Control Board who have waived off-premise alcohol sales, they’ll even bring the $150 Chardonnay!
Muffy and I are just not sure if we have to give our customary 15% tip.”

And in Washington D.C., restauranteur Mark Bucher, owner of the Medium Rare Steakhouse chain is delivering food to seniors in the area so they don’t have to go out to get their meals. Here’s a clip from social media showing the reaction of one senior when Medium Rare made a delivery to her house.

Restaurant Medium Rare partnered with volunteer drivers to deliver meals to elderly individuals who were self-isolating due to coronavirus concerns. “I’m not taking any chances. I’m going to stay in my room until this thing abates,” said Neil Scott, a 79-year-old Washington, D.C. resident.

From all accounts, Medium Rare’s program has been a 99.9% success, with the only negative comment coming from Cleveland Park neighborhood resident, Minnie Markowitz, 79, who said, “Medium rare, feh! I only eat well-done!

Around the Block wants to acknowledge these restaurants and their staffs for pitching in during this crisis. Shout outs to Milos for feeding the one-percent and Medium Rare for feeding the elderly!

And, while I’m at it, one more shout out: to Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York. Watching his press conferences, his measured responses to questions, his explanations on why and how he’s doing what he’s doing, has been a revelation. Yes, folks, we do have competent elected leaders and Andrew Cuomo is at top of the list.

Now, tell me again, why isn’t Andrew Cuomo running for president?

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6 thoughts on “Restaurants pitching in to deliver food during coronavirus pandemic

  1. It is so nice to receive good news for a change. We had a Zoom service this morning with Rodef Sholom for people who need a minion to say Kaddish, something we have been doing every Wednesday since December. It was really a joy to be together that way but during the call David mentioned that the grandmother of a Bat Mitzvah(it has been cancelled) is at UCSF with the virus. So it is a sobering thing when it comes that close to home.

    Mickey and I were signed up to answer phones again at the Public Health Dept. and we were told that anyone over 65 should stay home. That was a sad situation to no longer be able to use our medical skills in a crisis. We are on quarantine like everyone else. Stay well, be safe!!! Hugs, Toni



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