Quora Digest poses the two most important questions of the day


Mushroom clouds or Jennifer Aniston’s…

Even in times of world crisis you’ve got to step back and maintain a sense of humor.

I’m not sure if the editors of Quora Digest were chuckling when they sent out today’s subscriber email, but if they weren’t, they should have been.

I pointed out recently how there are some things that “can’t be made up.” This juxtaposition of articles is one of them.

Screenshot from Quora Digest email

Please let me know if you’d like to see the “Read more >>” answers to either, or both, questions. Based on the response, I’ll post the winning answer in a future column.

Also, although I’m not a bettor, if anyone wants to participate in an “over/under” pool on which question gets the most inquiries, please contact “teddythegreek@prodigy.net.com/you’vegotmail.”

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5 thoughts on “Quora Digest poses the two most important questions of the day

  1. How about we see neither. Not that I have my head buried in the sand, but nuclear protocols are only as good as the people who are in charge of them. Here’s to hoping there are some sane people in charge on both sides of the Atlantic, but human nature says that 60 years of inaction leave a lot of people mighty bored! What is it they are truly guarding against? Curiosity just might win over prudence, and none of those people were alive to remember the horror of nuclear detonations. To them it might be like watching a cartoon on a flat screen, unreal at best. That is what scares me.
    As for Jennifer Aniston’s nipples, who gives a damn. All women have nipples, and most every guy has sucked on a nipple at least at one time in his life, probably more. What the hang-up is on nipples I will never understand. It is over 300 years since the Puritans landed at Plymouth Rock, one tiny ship that controlled a continent for centuries. Isn’t it time to grow up and grow out of that prurient society? I certainly hope so, because it is long past time in my mind.


    1. Wow! You’re in a foul mood today. I don’t care about any part of Jennifer Aniston and can’t do anything about a nuclear showdown…but the juxtaposition of the messages struck me as comical. Guess I’ll just have to try harder.


      1. No, I’m in a good mood today. But I am afraid that people are going to take you seriously. 20 years ago i would have laughed and moved on. The world we are living in today, where American politicians support a Russian dictator making gratuitous war on a democratic nation, I am seeing the worst in people more often than I am seeing the best, and that shakes me to my core.


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