Cal Cunningham, Dem running for NC Senate seat, admits sending sexually suggestive texts


And MSNBC didn’t cover the story!

I’ll admit it. I watch MSNBC. Pretty much exclusively. I like their hosts. I like their commentators. I like their expert guests, people like Jon Meacham, Professor Eddie Glaude Jr., Admiral James Stavridis, Chuck Rosenberg, Eugene Robinson, Frank Figliuzzi and Joyce Vance among others. I guess I can be accused of, with all due deference to President Donald John Trump (I), “herd mentality.”

As I was watching this morning however, it struck me that in all that viewing I hadn’t seen any reference to a pretty important news story – the one concerning Democratic Senate challenger, Cal Cunningham. You know the one in which Mr. Cunningham admitted to exchanging romantic text messages with a woman who is not his wife.

Oh right. Maybe you didn’t know about it because you get all your news from MSNBC.

In case you missed it, here’s the headline from the October 3 edition of The New York Times:

Democratic challenger in North Carolina’s Senate race apologizes for romantic texts to a woman who is not his wife.

And here are two pages of a quick Google search of the coverage by other news outlets:

Where’s MSNBC?

MSNBC is not listed. And is not listed on the next 5-6 Google search result pages.

Thinking I hadn’t dug deeply enough, I went to the search page of and searched for “Cal Cunningham,” “Cal Cunningham Apologizes” and “Cal Cunningham admits sending sexually suggestive texts.” (Caution: don’t ever put the letters “s-e-x” or any derivative thereof in a search box, any search box, if you don’t want to receive results that could get you arrested!)

Nothing. I got stories about “Corey Booker apologizing,” “Kamala Harris apologizing,” “Trump admits,” something about Britanny Packnett Cunningham etc., but nothing on Cal Cunningham except pointers to his campaign ads.

I know a lot of our ilk are fond of deriding people who only watch Fox News. We say things like, “What do you expect, he only gets his news from Fox.” Based on this story, it appears that Fox News might not be the only guilty party.

By the way, if any of you can find any MSNBC coverage of the Cunningham story, please let me know via the comment section and I’ll post a correction.

One last thing on Cal Cunningham’s blunder.

As I emailed to some friends when I first read the news:

Guess those donations to Cal Cunningham in NC won’t do a lot of good. Ironically, he calls his organization “Team Cal.” Wonder how he recruits his team…based on their “sexiness?”

It’s unbelievable. Do politicians drink a certain kind of water that make them believe their actions are invisible? Do they have a “sexually repressed” gene that makes them do these things?

Of course, to add to the mess, Senator Thom Tillis, the incumbent, tested positive for Covid-19.

What a country!

What a country indeed!

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3 thoughts on “Cal Cunningham, Dem running for NC Senate seat, admits sending sexually suggestive texts

  1. Damn, I wasted all that energy and ink on all those N.C. postcards I wrote that included “vote for Cunningham”.



    1. Join Club Disappointed! These politicians are outrageous. They’re foolish. And, most of all, they’re disrespectful of those who support them (not to mention their wives)…and it’s on both sides. Less we forget Elliot Spitzer. And, of course, as we were reminded in “The Comey Rule,” Anthony Weiner.


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