RNC = “Really Nasty Creeps,” or “Really Notorious Criminals?”


The choice is yours

As the Republican National Convention (RNC – aka “Really Nasty Creeps” or in many cases “Really Notorious Criminals”) winds down today, I felt that with so much written by professional observers, my voice wasn’t really necessary.

But as you know, it’s hard to keep me silent. So, as a public service I offer this, a complete list of speakers. You might be familiar with some, unfamiliar with others. I’ve highlighted some of the speakers who, in my humble opinion, are particularly “creepy” and deserving of an Around the Block shout-out. For the others, I suggest you use the “world-wide interweb” to look them up. And use the “Google machine” to watch or listen to their inspiring, hopeful speeches highlighting how Donald J. Trump, in 3-1/2 short years has MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


BTW, in case you lost count as there so many, there are/were seven speakers with the surname “Trump.”

And, just saying, why is Ivanka “honorable?” She’s probably more dishonorable than her miscreant brothers (there I go again – didn’t I say my voice wasn’t really necessary?)

One last thing. Before I show you the list of speakers, two words: Kimberly Guilfoyle – image above – is the former wife of California Governor Gavin Newsom. Really? Really!

Monday speakers include:

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) – He’s a Republican? Why?

House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (LA-01) – We know why he’s one.

Representative Matt Gaetz (FL-01) – And why he is.

Representative Jim Jordan (OH-04) – He’s a Republican because Democrats like Congressmen to wear suit jackets at official hearings

Former Ambassador Nikki Haley – Watching her is like watching a promising career go down the tubes.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel – Mitt’s niece. Hates her uncle.

Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones

Amy Johnson Ford – Said Trump’s quick action and leadership saved thousands of lives during COVID19. Ok, not buying it.

Kimberly Guilfoyle – Just find and watch her RNC video. But caution: not before bedtime if you don’t want nightmares.

Natalie Harp – Misrepresented Trump’s “Right to Try Law.

Charlie Kirk – Called Trump the “bodyguard of Western civilization.” Was he talking about Western Moldova?

Kim Klacik – Running for Elijah Cummings’ seat in Congress. Not a chance.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey – Gun-toting St. Louis residences who say Biden will “abolish the suburbs.” And the role idols of many…but not the Rabbi who works next door.

Sean Parnell

Andrew Pollack – Parkland father who touts Trump commitment to keeping American children safe, but provides no evidence or examples.

Donald Trump, Jr. – Makes the RNC the live up to its names.

Tanya Weinreis

Tuesday speakers include:

First Lady Melania Trump – Anti-bully campaign turns a blind eye to the “Bully in Chief.”

The Honorable Mike Pompeo – This is a man who is definitely not honorable. He’s the first and only Secretary of State to make a blatantly political convention speech while overseas on official U.S. business.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi – She claims the only reason Biden is in politics is to “enrich his family” Bondi apparently doesn’t know the word “irony.”

Abby Johnson – says police would be “smart” to profile her bi-racial son. Definitely in the running for GOP “Mom of the Year.”

Jason Joyce

Myron Lizer

Mary Ann Mendoza – Oops, she was pulled from the program after she retweeted a thread promoting an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory with ties to the fringe conspiracy theory, QAnon. Apparently, she was vetted by the same people who do Trump’s cabinet and judicial appointments.

Megan Pauley

Cris Peterson – A Wisconsin dairy farmer who claims President Trump understands the complexities of farming more than any president in history. This, despite the fact that Wisconsin led the nation in farm bankruptcies early this year, and the Wisconsin Farmers Union called federal assistance “too little, too late.”

John Peterson – Another “Peterson from Wisconsin” who claims that Trump is rebuilding and our economy is “roaring back.” Time to get John’s TV fixed so it can tune to something other than Fox Business and Lou Dobbs.

Nicholas Sandmann

Eric Trump – Definitely “Nasty.” But not sure if in his case the “C” in RNC stands for “Creep” or “Criminal.” Perhaps for him it should be abbreviated “RNCC”

Tiffany Trump – Who?

Wednesday speakers include:

Vice President Mike Pence – No comment necessary

Second Lady Karen Pence – Not sure she knew that when hubby Pence spoke, their were women in the audience. And unmasked. Shocking!

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)

Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA)

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem – Still planning on putting Trump’s’ punim (Yiddish for “face”) on Mt. Rushmore? How’s that working out?

Representative Dan Crenshaw (TX-02)

Representative Elise Stefanik (NY-21)

Representative Lee Zeldin (NY-01)

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell – Lasted a whole three months as Acting DNI. Is that a record?

The Honorable Kellyanne Conway – Definitely not an honorable person

The Honorable Keith Kellogg

Jack Brewer

Sister Dede Byrne

Madison Cawthorn – Running for Congress amid sexual assault allegations. What else is new?

Scott Dane

Clarence Henderson

Ryan Holets

Michael McHale – The president of the Nation Assn. of Police Organizations who made no reference to this week’s shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha but focused on how President Trump would protect police and communities from what he depicted as the menace of people taking to the streets. Priorities, priorities.

Burgess Owens – Believes that “We need more leaders like President Trump who understand the freedoms that make up the fabric of America.” OK, not buying it.

Lara Trump – Really?

Thursday speakers include:

President Donald J. Trump – Time to turn the TV off.

The Honorable Ben Carson

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) – Comes to speak at the RNC but won’t bring needed bills to the Senate floor? Priorities USA takes on a new meaning.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) – How low can they go?

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23)

Representative Jeff Van Drew (NJ-02)

The Honorable Ivanka Trump – Daddy’s little girl!

The Honorable Ja’Ron Smith

Ann Dorn

Debbie Flood

Rudy Giuliani – Given all the “honorables,” why not Rudy?”

Franklin Graham

Alice Johnson

Wade Mayfield

Carl and Marsha Mueller

Dana White

Published by Ted Block

Ted Block is a veteran “Mad Man,” having spent 45+ years in the advertising industry. During his career, he was media director of several advertising agencies, including Benton & Bowles in New York and Foote, Cone and Belding in San Francisco; account management director on clients as varied as Clorox, Levi’s and the California Raisin Advisory Board (yes, Ted was responsible for the California Dancing Raisins campaign); and regional director for Asia based in Tokyo for Foote, Cone where he was also the founding president of FCB’s Japanese operations. Ted holds a Bachelor’s degree in communications from Queens College and, before starting in advertising, served on active duty as an officer on USS McCloy (DE-1038) in the U.S. Navy. Besides writing Around the Block, Ted is also a guest columnist for the Palm Beach Post.

3 thoughts on “RNC = “Really Nasty Creeps,” or “Really Notorious Criminals?”

  1. The convention is not a convention of policy makers or even politicians but an ode to Trump. The deal has been that Trump gets all the ego building, gets to make money, lie and anything else he wants in exchange for the party getting its conservative agenda of conservative judge appointments, deregulation of everything, and destruction of many arms of the government (EPA, FDA, CDC come to mind). This is their Faustian deal and they want to continue it for the next 4 years. The party doesn’t care about Trump and Trump doesn’t care about the party…


  2. You ask why Senator Tim Scott is a Republican. It is so obvious. All the speakers are ego driven. He is the lone African American Male Senator,. He is always the one the media turns to and Trump.These people don’t care about the people they represent or the country. They are just like Trump. Republican’s only care about their money and their causes.


  3. Trump’s proud of his family. Ivanka is a up and coming star. Glad he doesn’t have Hunter as a son. You didn’t mention a thing about Nick Sandmann who won a huge libel lawsuit against CNN and more to come. Re: Andrew Pollack. Trump ended the Promise Program initiated by Obama that allowed delinquents to keep a clean record until graduating from H.S. The cops had been to his home over 17 times or so. It never would have occurred if he’d been arrested earlier.


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