Renaming Confederate forts offends Trump “personally,” Kayleigh McEnany tells Fox News


Draft Dodger in Chief is personally offended, saying it is “An affront to the men deployed to…Vietnam.” (!!!!!)

Note: This is NOT “News with a Twist”

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany asserted on Thursday that President Donald Trump is “personally” offended at the idea of changing the names of U.S. military forts that honor Confederate leaders.

McEnany said that Trump disagreed with leaders like retired Gen. David Petraeus, who has said that it’s time to remove the Confederate names from important military installations.

“The president is saying we’re not even going to consider something,” Fox News host Ed Henry pointed out. “We’re not going to listen, we’re not going to have that conversation.”

“Yeah, what the president saw when he looked at this issue,” McEnany recalled, “he takes it personally offensive, the notion that the men who deployed to World War II, to World War I, to Korea, all across the world, to Vietnam — the last bit of the United States many of these men saw were these forts.”

OK, of all the ridiculous positions, of all the ludicrous statements made by this President and his toady enablers, this has got to be at least in the top 10, if not in the top three.

Does Trump have any idea about the men behind the names? Does he realize that they were traitors to the United States? Does he have any sense of history? (Sorry, those are rhetorical questions.)

Here’s a quote from General Petraeus’ The Atlantic article:

It is time to remove the names of traitors like Benning and Bragg from our country’s most important military installations.

Petraeus goes on to write that Army Regulation 1-33, which sets the criteria for memorializing soldiers says,

“Rememorializing or rededicating actions are strongly discouraged, and seldom appropriate,” it also outlines a clear administrative process to follow when they are. This is the moment to pursue that process. (Emphasis, mine)

But let’s get back to Trump.

It is “personally offensive?” It would be an affront to “the men who deployed to World War II, to World War I, to Korea, all across the world, to Vietnam — the last bit of the United States many of these men saw were these forts?”

Wait, what? He actually said, “deploy to Vietnam?” This isn’t “News with a Twist” is it?

Alright, let me go back to the deep recesses of my mind; let me think – Vietnam, Donald Trump – don’t I recall some connection there?

Oh yeah, now I remember. This is the man, the President (I hate when I have to write that), a military school graduate (The New York Military Academy [NYMA]* – my guess is he was sent there not to learn soldiering but to tame his incorrigible behavior), the Vietnam era, draft eligible man, a draft that deployed men to Vietnam – but who wasn’t drafted.


Right. Bone spurs!

As a reminder, in the words of Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, testifying before Congress, “He (Trump) finished the conversation with the following comment: ‘You think I’m stupid, I wasn’t going to Vietnam.’”

So, what do you think? Top 10? Top 3? Can they be anymore tone deaf?

For more background on this issue, here’s General Petraeus’ article in The Atlantic, “Take the Confederate Names Off Our Army Bases,” in a link and in PDF


(*Note: NYMA filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and was sold at auction to Chinese-owned foundation Research Center on Natural Conservation Inc. Guess Trump actually taught the school something: Using bankruptcy to your advantage; and Dealing with the Chinese. Of course, he clearly didn’t leave them with anything to do with “Natural Conservation.”)

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