There are “good people on both sides”


No, there aren’t!

The Washington Post ran a story today headlined, “White men mocked George Floyd’s death at a protest…”

Here is how the article began:

As a peaceful Black Lives Matter march made its way through Franklin Township, N.J., the group protesting against police brutality and systemic racism walked past a white man kneeling on the neck of another white man in a mocking reenactment of George Floyd’s death.

The men were part of a group of white counter-protesters with flags supporting President Trump and “Blue Lives Matter” that barked, “Black lives matter to no one,” and “Police lives matter,” at those marching on Monday to remember Floyd, the unarmed black man whose death after Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes has sparked widespread protests.

“This is what happens when you don’t comply with the cops!” yelled the man who was kneeling on the other man’s neck, according to a video shared to social media. “Comply with the cops and this wouldn’t have happened! He didn’t comply!” (Floyd did indeed comply with police, according to the criminal complaint filed against the officers.)

The man added, “It’s his fault he’s dead, not the cop!”

One of the men in the video, a corrections officer, has been suspended, while another was fired from his job at FedEx.

Apparently there are some people in authority who don’t believe the old Trumpian adage, “there are good people on both sides.” Good for them.

As of this writing, no response from you know who. I guess he’s too busy tweeting about the completely false story that the 75 year-old man pushed to the ground by Buffalo police is an ANTIFA “provocateur.” Priorities, priorities.

There’s not more I need to add so here’s the link to the article and a PDF.


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6 thoughts on “There are “good people on both sides”

  1. I read the beginning “how the article began” but I can’t read the rest……..horrifying! Pretty sure those whiteys aren’t votin’ for Joe & Kamala!

    Judy Friedman

    The Paper Trail Secretarial & Business Solutions

    PO Box 6178

    Tahoe City, CA 96145



  2. Thanks Ted, I ve been trying to take hiatus from FB and the news since I saw a video by Sasha Cohen the actor speaking about Zuckerberg and the damage that he allows and is profiting from everyday. I have toyed with dropping off and have not done so yet because I love seeing the pictures of family and friends but it incites me to my bone over politics and I abhor that they allow lies to have such a platform. I trust you will let me know if there is anything that I just can’t miss. T



    1. The Sasha Baron Cohen video was incredible. I commented to another friend regarding his speech: “So Sasha Baron Cohen is more than ‘Borat!’” (Of course, we knew that after watching “The Spy” when he played Eli Cohen.)


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